TDK Computers is focused on developing functional and flexible software solutions designed to meet the specific needs of each company. Regardless of your request, we are committed to provide high-quality services. We build solutions that will help you improve and integrate your business processes and achieve better results, while making work easier, successful and more cost effective.

The design, development and implementation of your most suitable software solution will be priority for our IT specialists - the best in their field, professionals with practical know-how and innovative approach. Depending on your needs we can provide you specialized software solutions, software upgrades, implementation and maintenance required.

An excellent software solution is always the right way to excellent achievements!

Document Management System

With Document Management System you can easily store, manage and track electronic documents. It is a system with strong capabilities to build from simple to the most complicated processes. We provide to our clients complete control over the storage, security and distribution of documents, web pages and email messages. Some of the key features of Document Management System are: coordination of simultaneous editing of a document, version control, roll-back, audit trail, annotation and stamps.

ERP System

Having a real ERP system and most important, a real professional support available to you at any time, allows you to stay focused on your business.

ERP system helps you improve your company productivity and flexibility and guarantees better management of all business processes. Main feature of all ERP systems is a shared database that supports multiple functions used by different business units.

The ERP software consists of multiple individual modules, developed to answer the specific company needs and technical capabilities. Together we will analyze and develop the most suitable solution and will create a combination of different modules to manage all back-office activities and tasks.


E-archive is a solution developed to increase the efficiency and security of business-critical document workflows. It reduces time and cost, allowing you to manage and secure all important documents. E-archive will provide you safe and easy-to-use electronic storage of documents or records of different types (scanned documents, electronic files, photos etc.). Implementation of E-archive system will guarantee an easy and simple access to your documents, anytime from anywhere, with just one click.

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